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The website of Solutions & Funds SA (hereafter: “Website”) targets persons that are residents in Switzerland. It contains information on investment funds and other collective investment schemes which are authorised for public offering in Switzerland.

The investment restrictions applicable to qualified investors within the meaning of Art. 10 para. 3 of the Federal Act on Collective (CISA)

contain information on investment funds and other collective investment schemes that may be offered exclusively to such investors, and which are not authorised for public offering in Switzerland.

Herewith I confirm that my residence is in Switzerland and agree to the applicable legal provisions.

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Terms of Use


Application of the terms of use

By accessing the website of Solutions & Funds SA (hereafter: “Website”), including the products, information, tools, documents, and services that it contains or describes, you declare to have fully understood, and to agree, without any reservations, with, the present terms of use.



The access to the Website is forbidden to any person from any jurisdiction, the laws and regulations of which prohibit the publication and/or the provision of the Website or of the information available thereon.



The entire Website is under copyright. It is allowed to download parts of the Website provided that the information on existing copyright and other property rights not be removed. Downloading and other forms of copying of software or of other information on the Website does not confer any rights on them. Without prior consent on the part of Solutions & Funds SA, it is not allowed to copy, to transmit, to modify, to publish or to use commercially in any way the entire Website or to copy parts thereof, or to establish links to the Website.


Links to other Websites

Solutions & Funds SA declines any liability with respect to the content of other websites that are linked or lead to the Website. The user uses links that lead to other websites at its own risk.


No Advice or information on performances

The information on the Website constitutes neither a form of financial, legal, fiscal, accounting or other professional advice for you or any other party nor an offer of sale or an advertisement for an offer of purchase.

Solutions & Funds SA operates the Website only for the purpose of information. It is the responsibility of the user to inform itself about, and to comply with, the applicable laws and regulations so as to ensure that the use of the Website and any investments in an investment fund mentioned on the Website is permitted under the rules at issue. Only the latest versions of the prospectus, the fund contract, the key information documents, and the annual and half-year reports of the investment fund constitute the official documents as the basis for the investment decisions.

Prior to each investment decision, the user should seek financial, legal, fiscal, accounting and other advice from a qualified person with respect its own investment objectives.

Past performances do not provide a guarantee for future results. For a range of reasons, the value and the returns of the investments mentioned on the Website may increase or fall. It may not be excluded that the investor receives less than its initial investment. The prospectus or the fund contract provide a description of the risks associated with the investments.


Reliability of the information provided on the Website

Solutions & Funds SA strives to carefully select the information that it publishes on the Website. However, it may not guarantee for its accuracy, reliability, and completeness. The user takes each decision that is based upon this information at its own risk. Solutions & Funds SA explicitly declines any liability for any loss or damage, including indirect, accidental, specific, criminal and subsequent one, costs or expenses resulting from, or related to, the access to the Website and/or the correctness, accuracy, validity, up-to-dateness, completeness of the information on the Website, and/or the use of the content of the Website. Finally, Solutions & Funds SA reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the content of the Website.


Exclusion of liability

Solutions & Funds SA, as well as its directors, managers, staff, and shareholders decline any liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage resulting from the access to the Website or the use of the information or opinions contained on the Website and/or the impossibility of the access to the Website or the use of the information or opinions contained on the Website. Solutions & Funds SA assumes no liability whatsoever for any losses resulting from technical or other errors.

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