Our Service Offering

Your fund - created with consistency

Solutions & Funds as your Management Company:

  • Legal responsibility towards FINMA & investors
  • Preparation of fund documents & delegation agreements
  • Risk management, investment compliance & determination of tax figures
  • Monitoring duties regarding delegated external service providers
  • Annual & tax statements
  • Preparation of issue prospectus for follow-on issues

Your fund - executed with precision

Solutions & Funds as your Structurer:

  • Project lead in the fund project management
  • Preparation and submission of the FINMA application
  • Support in the selection of external service providers incl. due diligence
  • Preparation of delegation agreements
  • Integration of the custodian bank Life-cycle management (continuous regulatory compliance)
  • Coordination between all parties involved
  • Notary procedures

Your fund - managed with integrity

Solutions & Funds as your Fund Administration:

  • Fund accounting & NAV calculation
  • Consolidation between property management, SICAV and RE investment manager
  • Reconciliation of the bank accounts of the properties
  • Opening of cash accounts of the properties
  • Calculation of commissions
  • Creation of payment orders
  • Debit/activation of renovation costs
  • Reporting (annual reports)