Code of Conduct

Our corporate identity

S&F is an independent fund management firm, authorised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), specialising in the creation, management, and administration of private label funds for both private and institutional investors. We cater to wealth management companies, banks, insurance firms, pension funds, and family offices by providing meticulously tailored fund solutions compliant with Swiss law. Our commitment is to offer our clients a single point of entry and precise solutions customised to their needs through an open architecture platform. We maintain flexibility in the choice of investment areas and avoid standardised solutions.

Our vision: To become the leading private label fund (PLF) management company in Switzerland.

Our mission: To leverage our expertise in the field of collective capital investments to support our clients.



Since its establishment in 2008, Solutions & Funds SA (S&F) has gained recognition for its high standards, independence, and long-term strategy. This Code of Conduct outlines the values we pledge to uphold and our vision for development in collaboration with our partners.

The Code of Conduct is binding in its entirety for every member of the Board of Directors and all S&F employees. It summarises the principles and practices that define how we conduct business at S&F, detailed in our internal guidelines and policies. These principles extend to both internal and external counterparties.

Integrity & Loyalty

Our clients, shareholders, partners, the authorities, and the general public place their trust in Solutions & Funds SA. We are committed to conducting ourselves with the utmost ethics, responsibility, and integrity.

Recognising that our reputation is our most invaluable asset, we see it as the cornerstone of our long-term success and are steadfast in our determination to protect it.

  • We pledge to respect the laws and social standards recognised in Switzerland and are dedicated to championing human rights. 
  • In our daily operations, we uphold the principles of loyalty, diligence, and information sharing. Internal directives play a crucial role in ensuring a comprehensive understanding of our legal obligations, guiding us to act in strict accordance with these obligations.
  • We oppose all forms of corruption and actively disassociate from actions that may cast doubt on our integrity.
  • We prioritise the management and development of "good Corporate Governance".

Our Values

Bespoke service

  • We are committed to our clients, counterparties, and employees.
  • Our focus is finding solutions perfectly aligned with the needs of our clients, the environment, and society.
  • We not only safeguard the investor interests, but we also strive to provide a robust offering tailored precisely to our clients' requirements.

 Specific example at S&F: S&F commits to only propose a specific offering when convinced it provides the optimal solution for a potential client.


  • We actively participate in associations relevant to our sector, expressing our position on pertinent industry topics.
  • We place a strong emphasis on compliance with market conduct rules, supervisory laws, and regulations on insider knowledge.
  • Our commitment to the continuous training and personal development of our employees, ensures they possess the technical skills required for their roles.
  • We maintain compliance with the legal framework to sustain the excellence of our products.

 Specific example at S&F: S&F employees actively participate in industry association expert groups such as COPTIS and Asset Management Association Switzerland AMAS.

Proactive approach

  • We respect our environment, considering the needs of future generations. We are committed to using natural resources wisely and understand this is crucial for our long-term commercial success.
  • Our systematic evaluation of resource consumption forms the basis for the realisation of our ongoing improvements.
  • We facilitate collaboration among partners through our consulting services. Our primary focus lies in co-creating and ensuring the enduring success of products together with our clients.

Specific example at S&F: S&F clients benefit from a streamlined single point of entry at management level; S&F has been actively supporting the Fondation Arche des abeilles (Arch of Bees Foundation), since 2018, by sponsoring beehives in the Canton of Geneva.


  • We provide an open and adaptable platform that caters to our clients' needs while respecting established boundaries.
  • We promote diversity and inclusion across all aspects of our operations. 
  • Communication within our team is characterised by openness and equality. Constructive criticism is delivered with appropriate decorum, allowing each team member to express their viewpoint. Divergent opinions are not only welcomed but encouraged.
  • We always adhere to agreed-upon deadlines.

Specific example at S&F: S&F prioritises the well-being and productivity of its employees by offering flexible working hours, the option to work from home, and at the company's two sites; When launching products, S&F collaborates with 5 different custodian banks, showcasing our openness in the choice of investment areas.


  • We uphold the dignity and rights of our employees and third parties, with zero tolerance for harassment, intimidation, coercion, and bullying.
  • Our commitment to honesty, reliability, and integrity extends to all aspects of our work, and we expect the same from our providers, emphasising the delivery of high-quality services under market-oriented contractual conditions.
  • Discrimination based on age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and political opinions is strictly prohibited.

 Specific example at S&F: S&F ensures diversity at all hierarchical levels, maintaining a balanced composition in terms of gender and age within its teams.


  • We diligently steer clear of conflicts of interest. When undertaking mandates, we meticulously assess the potential for conflicts, and have established clear rules for managing such situations.
  • Our cooperation and business relationships with service providers are built upon adherence to the code of conduct.
  • Personal and confidential data entrusted to us is processed and utilised with care, discretion, and solely for its original purpose. We consistently ensure the daily protection of such data, implementing measures to safeguard our IT systems against data theft and minimise cyber risks.
  • We are dedicated to earning and maintaining the trust of our clients without compromise. Our actions are consistently aligned with the client's best interest, and we communicate transparently.

Specific example at S&F: S&F has been a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) since 2021.


This Code of Conduct has received approval from the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of S&F. All S&F employees, governing bodies, service providers, and representatives acting on behalf of S&F are mandated to uphold the rules of conduct outlined in this code.

Lack of awareness of the Code of Conduct or the detailed regulations and policies defining the rules of conduct cannot be considered a valid reason for non-compliance with these principles.

 The S&F Code of Conduct undergoes regular reviews to ensure its alignment with S&F principles, standards, and any legislative or regulatory changes.

 In the event of Code of Conduct violations, appropriate actions will be taken.